About Us

In the early stages, new businesses succeed through individual ability, drive and determination to make and deliver their services or products.

But to grow and to achieve ambitious targets will eventually require growing the skill sets of the business and bringing on people to take on some of the roles. Not all the roles will necessitate full time employees, nor will the company necessarily be able to afford them. There is definitely a balancing act to be had.

Flexible Directors provides a solution which is cost effective, faster and reduces the risk inherent in recruiting full time staff:

– Cost effective as you only pay for what you need.

– Faster because, as a client, you have your own dedicated resource on hand when needed. In addition you gain access to a deep pool of talent that can be accessed quickly, a pool of talent that extends to two core areas within a business, Finance and Human Resource.

– Less risky because you are not committed to a full time employee. Added to this flexibility, our team work with a portfolio of clients enabling them to share best practice not only with their own clients but also amongst the team.

Flexible Directors Limited has grown from FD Solutions, the longest established provider of part-time Finance Directors in the UK, which formed 24 years ago. FD Solutions has twice been judged the best small business in its sector. HR Director Solutions has been trading for five years and has a reputation for reliable, business enhancing ways of improving people’s performance.